Sunday, 14 June 2015

My Favourite Summer Nail Polishes

Hello again,

This week I have a requested blog post for you - this time it's my Summer Nail Polish favourites!

Now I love my nail polishes... I have too many to count but I have managed to narrow it down to these few for my Summertime favourite shades. I hope you enjoy! :)

Essie in Figi - This is a gorgeous pinky nude. One of my favourites as it goes with everything!
Essie in Time For Me Time - This is similar to the one above but has a little shimmer in it and is more sheer so very chic.
Barry M Daylight Curing in Like a Nude - Another fab nude for this time of year. Show off your tans with this gorgeous shade!
Essie in Sunday Funday - I love this shade; it's a orangey/red with shimmer so catches the light well.
Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine in Passion Fruit - An almost red but as it's not quite red it's perfect for Summertime. This is for the brave! ;)
Rimmel 60 Seconds in Shocker - Another bold shade here but so gorgeous! It's a deep pink from Rimmel but with hints of purple running through too. Perfect for holidays.
Barry M in Socialite - I had to have an all glitter polish in this and I chose this gorgeous shade from Barry M.
Barry M Daylight Curing in I've Been Pinkin - This is another from their new Daylight Curing range. Just a good all round pink that will be sure to go with your swimsuit!
Models Own in Grape Juice - Finally a lovely pastel from Model's Own. The best bit is that this has a Grape scent too. Having scented nail polish reminds me of being a kid so I love that about this too!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks post. Do you have any requested posts that you would like me to feature?

Thanks for reading!
Jess xox


  1. Lovely post, these all look perfect for summer! I love Essie polishes, and I really want to get my hands on Barry M but I don't think they're available in Canada unfortunately!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    x | bloglovin’

    1. Oh they're amazing! Maybe order some online if they're available... or visit us here in the UK :) x

  2. I've been on the hunt for Essie Figi for so long, I can't seem to fine it anywhere! would love if you could check out my latest fashion post? :)

    The Fashion Road

    1. I got mine in Boots but I must admit it was the last one and was hiding at the back ha! Such a gorgeous shade! I'll go over and take a look Louise :)

  3. Gorgeous colors! :) Really love the Essie Sunday Funday and the Barry M ones! :)

    1. They're so lovely! I need more Essie polishes I think ;-)