Thursday, 18 September 2014

25 Things I Love

Here for something a little different.. 25 things I love!

Now before I get started, I'm not going to list the obvious here, husband, family, pets, friends, etc. I'm going to list all those things I love that are to some people, just small everyday things...

1. Spas!! How could you not love a spa?!
2. Holidays, especially somewhere hot or the USA
3. Food.. yes.. food! The healthy and the not so healthy... yummy!!
4. Cocktails with my girls.. feels so SATC ;)
5. The first time you use a new lipstick/lipgloss - the smell, texture.. it's all in the experience (or is that just me?) ;)
6. Watching rubbish TV
7. My iPad mini, it's so cute and little. Great for watching YouTube too! :)
8. Getting my haircut.. I always feel so fancy after a haircut
9. Essie nail polish - who needs manicures when there is Essie!
10. Listening to the birds sing on a quiet Summer's day
11. All things classic.. cars, music, men (men with manners and well dressed), etc
12. Filling a bath full of Lush products...mmm :)
13. Fresh bedsheets
14. Cuddles & hugs
15. Baby animals!!!!
16. Smell of petrol, it reminds me of old cars
17. Seeing baby's smile - doesn't it just melt your heart?!
18. Winter evenings with the fire lit, mugs of hot chocolate, blankets and a candle lit... perfection!
19. Washing your face after a long day
20. Duvet days!!
21. Playing Sims on lazy days.. it's such a fab little game!
22. Afternoon tea
23. Going for a shopping spree online and then feeling like they're little presents when they arrive in the post :)
24. Most things in pink... I used to hate pink haha
25. Getting in your PJ's the second you get home - most days!! Haha

How about you guys, what are some of your favourite things?

Jess xox