Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Oxford Street Lush Haul


Sorry for the late post but I was waiting to feature this special post that I've wanted to do for some time now, the Lush Oxford Street Haul!

Now firstly, the store - wow! It's on the ever so popular Oxford Street in London and has three levels (yes, three!!). Each is beautifully decorated and stocked with wonderful Lush goodies and to top it off the Lush Spa is also in this store! I was sold, and honestly whenever I'm in London now this is where I will be going for my bath goodies!

Anyhoo, so what did I get? Well to warn you I did purchase over 2kg worth of products so this post may be a long one but...

The Comforter Shower Gel (Oxford Street exclusive)
This was a given for me as I love the Comforter Bubble Bar. It's a sweet, candy like scent and has a slight shimmer in the gel too. I'm really looking forward to trying this one!

Supertramp Bubble Bar (Oxford Street exclusive)
This was a different one for me to choose as it has a woody scent, so not something I would typically pick. I thought I would venture out of my comfort zone and see if I can find a new love for more than citrus and sweet scents, watch this space! 

Big Bang Bubble Bar (Oxford Street exclusive)
This is another woody scent bubble bar but with a deeper colour. I would say this scent is a little milder too so if you want something that bubbles up your bath but isn't too strong smelling this is a good one to try.

Intergalactic Bath Bomb (Oxford Street exclusive)
I have fallen in love with this bath bomb and I wish I bought more than just the one! If the name wasn't cute enough, it's also filled with popping candy and gives a magical display of colours when used in your bath. This would be a fab one for kids and big kids like me!

Bubblegum Lip Scrub
This is my second pot of this scrub and I love it! It's a little scrub you put on your lips to take away any flakes; leaving your lips lovely and soft, prepped and ready for lipstick! I love the scent and taste of this stuff (yes, you read that right), it's just so sweet and yummy!

Frozen Bath Bomb (Oxford Street exclusive)
I bought two of these as they just looked so lovely! They make your bath water turn into this shimmery blue colour and it just smells so calming. It's a milder scent and I would say it smells like a mild citrus and refreshing scent, hard to describe. I'm really looking forward to trying this out!

The Experimenter Bath Bomb (Oxford Street exclusive)
This one looked too fun to miss. It's a mixed colour bath bomb in a funky shape too - possibly the future of bath bombs? Ha! I'm looking forward to seeing what display this little treat will give me when I use it! 

Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb
This bath bomb is soon becoming a favourite of mine (I have 3 already!). It has a gorgeous citrus scent to it and has cute little colours running inside it but is white all over - so very understated. This one makes my bath smell like refresher sweets, just so bright and refreshing, yet yummy too! 

Twilight Bath Bomb
This is a constant purchase for me as it's my favourite ever bath bomb from Lush. It leaves your bath with a gorgeous purple/pink colour and smells of lavender. It's just perfect for a relaxing bath after a long day.

Monsieur Gustave Bath Melt (Oxford Street exclusive - I think?)
Honestly I picked this one up because of the colour; bright purple with shimmer! I'm looking forward to seeing how this looks in my bath!

Happy Thoughts Bath Melt (Oxford Street exclusive - I think?)
This little oil smells of oranges and just looks like fun to try. It's covered in a sugary like texture which may work as a gentle scrub when in your bath. I'm looking forward to seeing how this works in my bath!

Mmmelting Marshmallow Bath Melt (Oxford Street exclusive - I think?)
This has the same scent as before but has been reformed into a smaller, budget friendly version. This time with added shimmer too! If you like all things sweet, than this is a good one to go with!

Furze Bath Melt (Oxford Street exclusive - I think?)
This little one isn't pictured above as it got crushed in my bag (2kg worth of products will probably do it). It's a gorgeous little floral smelling oil and has a cute little purple flower inside too. Imagine lying in a field of flowers in the Summertime, well this is that scent! Lovely!

Have you visited the Oxford Street store, is there anything you would suggest I should try?

Thanks for reading!

Jess x


  1. Wow the oxford store has 3 floors, thats amazing! I think I might invest in the bubblegum lip scrub, I have read so many great reviews about it. Thanks for sharing :)

    Sonam - http://fashtasticflare.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. Yep, it's gorgeous! They do a popcorn & mint scrub too! x

  2. I am so jealous of your haul. I absolutely love Lush and love to explore everything in that store. One of my favorite items from Lush is their face mask. You should try it next time!

    xoxo Emily

    1. Oh I love their masks but I'm trying a new one at the moment so left getting one this time, ha :) x

  3. I love Lush bath's bomb, unfotunately I've recently moved to a new apartement where I do not have a bath! Also do you know a good scrub from Lush, I'm looking for one!


    1. Hi Vanessa, I haven't tried the scrubs from Lush yet. I use the Soap and Glory Flake Away and love it!! :) x

  4. I love lush products! They are all so colourful and smell so lovely. I've been in the oxford street branch and its huge! The dragon egg bath bomb sounds amazing!

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

    1. I would defo get some, it's all so lovely! I need a store at my house ;-)

  5. Such a great haul! Lush belongs to my favorites! :)

  6. This really makes me want to go to lush and pick up some bits! Great blog :)