Monday, 30 March 2015

My March Favourite's

Hello again everyone!

This week I thought I would share my March favourites with you. I have included in here a few new items as well as some old faithful items. I hope you enjoy! :-)

First up I have the, Garnier Olia Hair Colour Treatment in 4.15 Iced Chocolate. Now this stuff is fab and I'm not sure why I haven't mentioned it before. I tend to dye my hair every 3 or so months as I dye it close to my natural shade so don't really show any roots (well I hope anyway, ha!). I have used this dye for about a year or so and I actually used it again last night to give me a refresh on the product itself. Now this dye has no ammonia in it so it's really kind to your hair, and it shows too! Every time I use this it leaves my hair glossy and healthy looking (weirdly, but I'm not complaining!). I also like the fact that due to having no ammonia it doesn't have that horrid strong hair colour scent either. It's really easy to apply and after 30 minutes (if you dye it every 3 months or so) you wash it out and apply a conditioner that's also in the pack. I love this, it's kind to my hair, leaves a colour that is true to the box and is easy to do at home, wahoo!

Now this is a new product that I purchased a week ago and sadly it hasn't lived up to my hopes and dreams. It's the Bourjois CC Eye Cream Concealer. Now perhaps the clue is in the name and I should have tried another concealer, however the formula of his is way too creamy for my liking. Even after letting it set into my skin it leaves creases and when I apply a setting powder it looks really cakey. Sadly I will not be repurchasing this one, it was nice to try something new but this just doesn't perform for my skin. Ps I have no idea why I put this in a favourites - perhaps because I'd hoped it would be?! (blame my baby brain!!)

The next new product I tried this month was Bourjois Blush in 16 Rose Coup De Foudre. Now this blusher is stunning. It's a peachy shade with a hint of shimmer in it and it's just perfect for Spring time. The shade itself actually reminds me of Nars Orgasm Blusher but it's a little less pink and more peach. For a 1/3 of the price defiantly worth a try. This has overtaken my love of the NYX Blusher Pinched (a dupe of the Nars Blusher Orgasm) as it's just that much softer of a shade.

Another new beauty product I tried this month is the Collection Eye Uncovered Pallet in Nude Bronze. Now firstly this pallet in my opinion is great for traveling as well as for everyday use. The shades are stunning and this bronze pallet has shimmery eye shadows in it which I thought would be perfect for this time of the year. This is a bargain purchase at only £2.99 as it has everything you need for your eyeshadow, including a highlighter and a darker shade for your crease. My only wish for this is that there be a nice brush and a mirror, but for £2.99 you can't really complain can you?! :-)

My last beauty product favourite for this month is the Essie Nail Polish in Sunday Funday. I bought this last year but I applied it again recently and several people thought I had been to a salon to get my nails done. Now I'm not sure whether this was because of the shade or the finish, but as always with Essie polishes they're great and my absolute favourite brand. They're a little more expensive than the standard highstreet brand but they last and give a high quality professional finish too. This shade is just gorgeous, it's a peachy pink with a hint of shimmer - this will match my new blusher perfectly!

Now onto a couple of random favourites for the month... firstly my new iPhone case by New Look. This was £5.99 in New Look and as I keep finding myself being more busy in my daily routine I have also become more clumsy. To try and protect my phone from damage I thought a cute little case would help. This one is very girly. It has a nude pink shade to it and little diamontee's all over - just very me and it goes with most things so doesn't tend to clash with my outfits.

Lastly this random favourite was a naughty treat to myself, my Ted Baker Purse. This purse is also very me... it's pink with rose gold detail and it has a bow as the clasp! If I were to design a purse this would be it! I treated myself after becoming a new Mommy. This is just perfect, every time I open my handbag this lovely gem just picks up my mood.

I hope you enjoyed my monthly favourites for March. If this is the type of blog post you would like to see more of please let me know and I will try and do them monthly for you all :-)

Thanks for reading! Jess xox

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

March Beauty Haul

Hello my lovelies and welcome back to my blog!

This month I had decided to treat myself to a few little goodies. I figured as now Spring is on the way I can treat myself to some nice little beauty buys to see in this lovely time of year.

Now being a new mom means that I have a habit of forgetting to treat myself at times. All my time, attention and money now goes on our little one. Recently I'd been working super hard and getting in some extra pennies and so I was a little naughty and treated myself to something a little more special than usual! :-)

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm
I have written a whole blog post on this new cleansing balm as I have fallen in love with it. However as a quick summary it has been my favourite purchase of this month's haul. It easily removes all your makeup, leaves your skin clear and soft and smells heavenly!! :-)

Nivea Firming Lotion
Two weeks in and I have seen a slight improvement to the firming of my skin. Now as I've just had a baby I was really putting this lotion to the test. It doesn't promise any miracles by any means but with some exercise, a balanced diet and this to help keep everything firm - you'll be onto a winner. On a side note, the scent isn't overly exciting but it moisturises well and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth also. I'm going to keep going with this one.. I'll let you know how I get on!

Olay Total Effects BB Cream
I bought this in shade fair. So far I have been loving how moisturising this product is and it gives me a lovely summer's glow.  However I wouldn't repurchase this as the shade just isn't right. It takes a lot of working into the skin for it to blend properly and by the time I have done that there is a little too light of a coverage for my liking. I think next time I will just get the Olay Total Effects Moisturiser instead and see how that sits under my usual foundation.

Benefit It's Potent Eye Cream
I bought this cream with the promise that it's both moisturising but also helps fade dark circles (did I say I was a new mom?!). I need all the help I can get at the moment so took the plunge and treated myself. I have used this eye cream now for two weeks daily and so far I've noticed a massive improvement to my dark circles under my eyes. I'm loving this product and will be using this for my eye cream from now on.

Mac Lustre Lipstick in Syrup
My favourite lipstick brand of all time... Mac. Again this has it's usual Mac finish, texture and scent - all lovely. This shade is a pinky nude, I would say on the slightly darker side. It's great for brunettes as the shade looks so natural. I think this may become a quick everyday favourite!

Mac Sheen Surpreme Lipstick in Blossom Culture
This was a new style of Mac lipstick for me and so I wasnt sure what I was going to think of it but I'm happy to say that after wearing it a couple of times it's beginning to be a nice Springtime favourite of mine. It's a pinky peach shade that is just gorgeous for this time of year. I love the finish of this lipstick too, it's sheer and glowing but also stays put well on my lips!

Thanks for reading!! Next month I may try something a little different for my blog. Let me know if you have any ideas or requests!

Jess xox

Friday, 6 March 2015

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm vs Liz Earle Hot Cloth Polish

Hi and welcome back to my blog!

This week I thought I would do something a little different and show you my current favourite cleanser and why I made the switch.

I thought it would be a fun new way to show you the new products I'm trying. I will also go into more detail on each product so you get more info should you like to try them yourselves.

To start these off I'm going into my current cleanser of choice and how it weighs up against my previous cleanser.

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Polish Cleanser
I used this cleanser for 2 years straight without trying anything else. It's obvious that it was a big favourite of mine!

This is a cream cleanser that goes all over your face and even your eyes without any irritation. It glides of makeup quickly and removes it all easily. It smells lovely, sort of a natural scent so not too strong for those who aren't keen on strong scents and it works on all skin types.

The price of this product is £15.50 for a 100ml pump and muslin cloth.
I would say that one 100ml bottle of this would last about a month.

Overall great product but I was looking to see what else is out there to compare it against.


Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm
Now this has been on my wishlist for months now but I was holding off until I really felt brave enough to try it and move away from my Liz Earle products. This was a BIG move for me as I love my Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser. The reason why I went to Emma Hardie and no one else is this from my research is the latest and claimed 'best' cleanser available.

First of all this cleanser also glides on over your makeup and removes it all in one stroke. I would say it's actually better at removing makeup than the Liz Earle cleanser. The cloths that come with this  make the whole process much more luxurious.

The smell of this product in my opinion is much nicer too. It's gorgeous and again, very luxurious! It makes you feel as if you're getting a facial each time you're using it!

The price of this product is £36.00 for a 100ml tub with a cleansing cloth.
Over double the price, but I would say that a 100ml tub will last you 6-8 weeks.

Overall Verdict - Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm!!
Overall this balm has left my skin feeling smoother, softer and clearer than ever before. So much in fact I've actually sold on my Liz Earle spares! Sorry Liz Earle.. this stuff just beats you hands down!

Let me know what you think of this new style of blog post for you guys. I'm hoping to do some more of these soon for you :-)

Jess xox