Friday, 31 October 2014

Day at the Spa with Josie

It's not too often we go to the Spa, but this has been a long time coming! In fact, this was Josie's first visit to a spa so was a pretty big deal! 

We went to the Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton. They have a glorious ESPA spa there with a pool, sauna, steam and wet room facilities also. 

We got there around 10.30am in the morning to make the most of our girls day out. First of all we went for a dip in the pool. The pool and some parts of the hotel have recently been refurbished, it was gorgeous. The new sauna is a vision with beautiful tiling and much larger than the outdated sauna that was there previously.

After a good swim we had a little rest in the sauna (I dipped my legs in) and then grabbed a magazine and sat and read while the rest of the world went by.

Soon enough it was time for our lunch and we'd ordered some nice healthy lunches to match our day of relaxation and cleansing. I went for a brown bread roll with mature chedder and chunty, alongside a side salad (mmm!) and Josie went for a pork salad... equally as scrummy!

We then headed off for our treatments. I had a lovely neck and back massage, while Josie went for a facial. Both were super relaxing and honestly by the end of it we both felt as if we were floating on a cloud of tranquility.

After some final relaxation in the spa we headed out to the busy streets of Southampton. We finished off our girls day in the best form possible - Primark, Lush and Boots. Amazingly even with the busy crowds we still felt completely relaxed and at ease, swanning from store to store. We treated ourselves to some goodies and finished off our day with a nice long chat on our journey home.

It was a lovely day, one of which I hope to do again soon. Thanks for your lovely company as always Josie! :)

Jess xox

Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumn Lush Haul

It's my favourite time of the year, Autumn.. well close.. my favourite time is Christmas but as the nights are getting cooler and darker it reminds me of the festivities we have to come! :)

It also means that Lush have brought out there Halloween and Christmas range, much to my excitement! The first weekend it hit our shops I was there grabbing as much as my wallet would let me.

My choices so far:

Father Christmas Bath Bomb - This has the signature Lush Christmas scent of Snow Fairy (mmm!). It's a very sweet yet warming scent. I cannot wait to use this one!

Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb - This one smells like a perfect warm winter's night. It's festive, yet spicy and not too sweet. This one is meant to create a little show when you pop it in the water! :)

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar - How could I resist this bubble bar? It's glittery and smells divine! It's winter wrapped up in a lovely little bubble bar. I'm sure this will be a mess to clean up but I'm looking forward to the lovely glittery soak! :)

Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb - Now this is my all time favourite bath bomb from Lush. It's the perfect Christmas scent. It smells of cinnamon and warm winter spices.. ahh I wish I could have this all year round! I have a feeling I'm going to need to buy more of these! :)

(These next few are not from Lush's Seasonal range, but are a few of my favourites)
Twilight Bath Bomb - This was actually featured in my Lush Favourites, but yep here it is again! With a lavender and calming scent this one is always a part of my collection.

Comforter Bubble Bar - Another product that was in my Lush Favourites, this is very sweet smelling but lasts for several baths. I love how it turns the bath pink too!! :)

Brightside Bubble Bar - Oops, yet another that was in my favourites. This one is similar to the comforter but it's citrus smelling so is great to wake you up before a big day/night ahead.

You've Been Mangoed Bath Melt - This is the last one in my little haul. It's a bath melt, now I don't get these too often as they only last one bath but I love that this has such a strong citrus mango scent and it leaves your skin feeling like silk. This one is for when I want an extra treat for myself :)

So what are your favourite Lush products, will you be getting anything from their seasonal range?

Jess xox

Monday, 20 October 2014

Liz Earle Haul

It's that time of the year again where I stock up on my Liz Earle skincare. I have to buy replacement cleansers, etc about every 2-3 months depending on the size of the cleanser I get. This time I went for the monthly offer as it had my favourite body cream included complimentary.

Included in my Liz Earle October Offer is...

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser
Pack of 2 Muslin Clothes
Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic
Liz Earle Moisturiser in Light (Combination/Oily Skin)
Liz Earle Botanical Body Cream

Not bad for £45 with free delivery. That leaves me covered now until Christmas :)

I love how these come packaged too - it always feels like I'm getting a little gift!

 Do you guys buy anything from Liz Earle and if so what are your favourites?

Jess xox

Friday, 17 October 2014

My MAC Lipstick Collection

I love Mac for their lipsticks and although pricey I tend to buy one every 6 months as a treat. These I've collected over years now and still I have plenty of wear left in each one.

So which one's have I decided are for me? Now I have a fair complexion so I'm careful about which shades I choose. With dark hair and pale skin I tend to favour and suit pink and brown shades.

Without further adue.. here is my Mac lipstick collection!!

Please Me in Matte - Gorgeous matte muted pink shade

Lovelorn in Lustre - Creamy in texture, light in colour - the perfect pink

Chatterbox in Amplified - Bright pink shade and is highly pigmented - great for nights out

Sunny Seoul in Cremesheen - My Summer favourite - pinky peach shade - perfect for everyday

Fabby in Frost - Great pink for the cooler months - hint of shimmer in there for the festive season

Modesty in Cremesheen - A must have lipstick - suits everyone and can be worn all year round

Peach Blossom in Cremesheen - Another great everyday lipstick but more of a peachy shade this time

I hope you enjoyed, have you any suggestions on which shade I should try next?

Jess xox

Monday, 6 October 2014

My Favourite Lush Products

Hello again!!

This week I've decided to show you my all time Lush favourites. 

From top left clockwise...

The Comforter - £4.75
This has quickly become one of my favourite bubble bars. A bubble bar you can crumble a little off and it will make your bath into a gorgeous bubble bath. This one also gives off a lovely pink shade and a sweet scent. I usually get about 4 uses out of these bars as I like to have a lot of bubbles. 

Brightside - £4.75
This one is again a bubble bar but has a citrus scent. This is perfect to help you get ready for a night out as it wakes you up while you soak in the tub. I'm loving this one as a great alternative to the Comforter.

Twilight - £3.35
This bathbomb is my absolute favourite at the moment. I have tried a few and I also like Sex Bomb but this I always go back to. It's a warming and relaxing lavender scent and it just makes you want to stay in your bath for hours and hours. It creates a little spa away from the dramas of everyday life in your bathroom - just perfect!

Soft Coeur - £4.95
This is a massage bar from Lush and is a sweet cocoa butter scent which leaves you smelling of chocolate after using it. It also leaves your skin silky smooth and a little goes a long way with this little fella. I've had this one for months now and I still have lots of wear left, so it's great value for money too!

I'm sure in time mine will change, but at the moment these are my go to products! :)

Anyway, what are your favourite Lush products?

Jess xox