Sunday, 7 June 2015

5 Home Truths About Being a Mom...

Hi guys,

This week I wanted to do a little lifestyle blog for you all. Now some of you may know... I'm a new Mom, and so I'm sure this list will continue to grow longer and longer, but in truth being a Mom is tough. No matter of age, your support network, your finances.. it's tough no matter what. I knew it would be a life changing experience but I did find that other Mom's would cover up a lot of truths on parenting. So I thought I would shed some light on the subject (we gotta start somewhere!). So here it is.. in black and white, clear as day with no filters... You've been warned! ;)
  1. Your 'me' time has disappeared... for life! Sure you can have a bath, go and get your haircut or go shopping for an afternoon but your little one is always and I mean always on your mind. I'm planning his next feed, buying new toys, wondering how his naps are going, going on netmums to check what that weird nights sleep was about, checking his leap development schedule... the list is endless!
  2. As soon as your meal has arrived/cooked/put on your plate you can guarantee your little one will wake up. They just know!
  3. You need the loo most of the time because they come first and you forget that you need to go. He just started feeding, I'll go after... oh he's being really cute.. 5 more minutes... I better just get his bottle ready and then oh, he needs a change... Yep.
  4. You're tired all the time. Now I didn't get this before having our little guy. I understood that it would be a little while before he would sleep through, but sleeping through isn't always sleeping through. There is teething, nightmares, cuddles... and even when he does sleep through you never really have that deep sleep or god forbid; lie-in's as you did when you were child free!
  5. They're worth every moment. Every exhausted, crazy and messy moment! Yes, there will be days when you have wondered why you chose to have kids - there I said it! But there is so much to enjoy! Having our baby boy was the best thing I've ever done. It's so rewarding and it challenges me everyday. I'm more selfless now than ever and to see my son smile and enjoy learning and growing is everything to me. I love him more than I can explain and he has helped me become a better person. We grow together each day and I feel so blessed to have this amazing little guy in our lives! A friend on mine once said "Having a child is like having a gift that keeps on giving." and it is, it really is!
I hope you enjoyed my blog post for this week you guys. I'm so glad I managed to do something a little different for you all.

Jess xox

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