Thursday, 27 November 2014

November Mini Haul with Reviews

So it's that time again, monthly haul time! I'm not sure how many more of these I'll have so this month I did treat myself to some goodies.

Sally Hansen Gel Cuticle Remover - This stuff is magic, just leave it on your cuticles for a minute or two and just like that your cuticles are gone! This stuff is £3.50 and as you only use a small potion at a time it's something that will last you a long time. I love using this as an extra step when doing my nails, I feel as if I've had a proper pamper treat.

Essie Nail Polish in After Sex - Excuse the name of this nail polish but this colour is gorgeous. It's a stunning red with a strong festive feel. I love Essie nail polishes as they always last well on my nails and they're so easy to apply. Just please Essie, can you reduce the price? £7.99 for a nail polish is quite steep (I just tell myself as I do my own nails I'm saving on manicures, haha!).

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lip Colour in Nude-ist - Now where do I start with this. This looks like a lipgloss but it's finish is more of a lipstick but acts as a lip stain. Confused? Yes, me too! It is the most amazing lip product I've tried all year. You put it on in the morning and even by late afternoon it will stay on my lips, through drinks and food too! The colour is a gorgeous brown/nude shade that has a hint of red - lovely for this time of year but also throughout the year too. I must buy more of these, they are simply beautiful and so long lasting without being too drying! A new favourite product!!

Zoella Soap Opera Bath Soak & Shower Cream - Well if you know me you will know that I love watching my YouTubers, one being Zoella. She is a beautiful, confident young lady who started her YouTube channel as a hobby but has made it into her career. She has now launched her own beauty range as well as bringing out a book and all at the age of 24! Yes, she is wonder woman! Now, I wasn't sure if the Bath Soak would live up to my high expectations but amazingly it did, it's got a gorgeous clean and fresh scent and a little goes a long way. I also love the packaging of the product, one I'll be happy to show off in the bathroom for other beauty fans to appreciate. All in all, lovely product, and I'm so proud to see how far this lady has come. I may not know her personally but I think it's incredible on the things she has done and at such a young age! Zoella you're a great inspiration for all ladies and young ladies out there, be proud!

Mac Lipstick in Cremesheen Hot Gossip - Yes I visited the Mac counter again... This time after doing my favourite Mac lipsticks blog post I realised how little colours I had that were deep and darker shades for the colder months. I went out to try and find two shades that were slightly out of my comfort zone so I could wear them this Autumn and Winter. I decided on two shades, Hot Gossip and New York Apple. Hot Gossip is a gorgeous deep purple/pink shade that would suit all year round, but especially in the cooler months. I've been wearing this to work, around the house (as a treat), as well as just out and about. It's just an all-round lipstick you can wear for any occasion.

Mac Lipstick in Frost New York Apple - This shade is a lot more daring for me. It's a deep red shade with a strong frosty shimmer. Simply put it's very festive and matches the Essie nail polish I bought perfectly. This is a very buildable colour that you can have just one application of it for a subtle finish, or go all out and build it up to a full blown deep red lipstick, lovely!

Tanya Burr Everyday Flutter Lashes - Tanya is another YouTuber that has launched her own beauty range, I have already tried her lipglosses but as of recently she has also launched some false lashes. I don't usually wear false lashes but thought I would give the Everyday Flutter lashes a go as the finish looked gorgeous and very wearable for the everyday (even though I would still only wear them for special occassions). These are gorgeous, so easy to apply and lightweight so you can barely tell you're wearing them. The finish they give is so natural I just feel as if I'm a different person having these on. I will definitly be getting some more of these at some point, love love love!! :)

So that is it for this month's haul, short and sweet but with a few extra special goodies.

Did you ladies get yourself anything special this month? Is there anything you think I should try myself? :)

Thanks again for reading!
Jess xox

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

My Favourite Autumn Nailpolish's

So this week I thought I would carry on with the Autumn theme and show you my favourite Autumn nail polishes. This post was actually requested by Joanne, so thank you Joanne!

Now I have a fair few nail polishes to say the least, I have always enjoyed doing my nails and picking out the new shades on the high street. To keep this post from being too long I've picked my top 10 autumn nail polishes.

Avon Gel Finish Polish in Mauvelous - This is a recent addition, the colour glides on so easily and is highly pigmented so you can get away with only one coat.

Barry M Nail Paint in Berry Cosmo - I love the deep purple shade of this polish. Barry M polishes are brilliant as they have great consistency and the brushes make it easy to paint your nails.

Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry - This is a gorgeous light red/purple shade. Perfect for the cooler, dark evenings in Autumn.

Barry M Gelly Nail Paint in Pomegrante - This is a more vibrant red, defiantly one to pick if you're after getting your hands noticed.

Barry M Nail Paint in Red Glitter - This is my favourite nail polish for Christmas, it's sharp red shade and glitter sums up the season perfectly.

Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Crush- I bought this shade thinking it would be a little more red than brown, but have been surprised with the outcome. It's a deep brown shade but the matte finish gives it a real classic finish, lovely! :)

No 7 Stay Perfect Polish in Damson Dream - I bought this nail polish years ago but around this time of year I love to get it out and show the world it's glory. It's a beautiful deep, red shade with a slight shimmer too.

Models Own Polish in Bettlejuice Purple Blue - This is a daring polish, it's a little funky as it changes colour in the light. It has hints of green, blue and purple making your eyes always take a peak at your nails. I love wearing this one for nights out.

Maxfactor Nail Polish in Fantasy Fire - This is a slightly brighter shade for Autumn, a light purple. I love that this too has flecks of other shades that shine through. My only problem with the polish is the brush, it's just too small making it time consuming to apply.

Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Purple - Another slightly brighter shade for Autumn, but this time a darker purple. Lovely for a bit of a brighter shade this time of year.

Here are some little swatches of each shade so you can get a good idea on what the colours are like on :)

I hope you enjoyed my post, do you have any Autumn favourites?

Jess xox

Saturday, 8 November 2014

October Haul with Reviews

I'm a little later than usual posting this but I wanted to have a proper view of all products before posting.

I have quite a mix of goodies this time and a lot of them are from my little cheeky Avon order :)

To mark the change in seasons I have bought a couple of Autumn/Winter treats in this haul also. I hope you enjoy!

Primark Cinnamon and Maple Candle
This little treasure was 80p in Primark. Thinking it may not be any good I only bought one but after about 3/4 hours of burning it I'm not even half way through. It smells amazing too, very Christmassy but not too overpowering either. If you like warm and spicy candles this is one to try out! I'm definitely going to be picking up another!

Avon Luck Parfam for Her
This perfume is just gorgeous. I'm not very good with explaining scents but the smell reminds me of a warm Summer's evening. It's a classic and classy scent, but with a cheeky uplifting hint also. A pre-warning though - this smell is highly addictive! I could sniff it all day long. The only negative part of this perfume is that it's hard to smell past about 5 hours of wear. It's great for evenings out but if you're hoping for an all day perfume I suggest topping up around lunchtime. With this perfume I also got some freebies thrown in, both the body spray and the moisturiser. I haven't yet used either, but I'm sure as per their usual sprays and creams they will impress me :)

Body Shop Body Sorbet Moisturiser in Satsuma
I heard about this product through Essie Button's vlogs and thought it sounded so lovely and refreshing that I would give it a try. I usually don't buy too much from the Body Shop as I tend to think it's a little overpriced, but this little baby was only £3 (on offer at the time). I love the scent of this product, it's very light and fresh, yet it's not too strong after it has dried. The product itself I'm not overly keen on, first of all the texture of the product and the colouring makes it look better suited as a shower gel than a moisturiser, and when you apply the product it tends to take a lot of working into the skin to avoid looking like you just wiped fresh fruit over your skin. It's a real shame but due to this I wouldn't be buying this one again, it was nice to try something new and something from the Body Shop but this one just didn't cut it for me.

Avon Gel Finish Nail Polish in Mauvelous
I haven't bought a nail polish from Avon for some time now but looking at this shade online it just looked too gorgeous to miss. It's the perfect Autumn shade, brown with a hint of red. The formula of this polish also allows it to glide on the nail perfectly and the gel finish has seemed to live up to it's name. 3 days without a top coat and not one chip so far! I would definitely recommend these! Such a good little polish, oh and the brush is the perfect size too - means only a couple of strokes and the nail is covered. 

Bourjois Shine Lipstick, Number 26
I picked up this little number as I wanted a nice nude with a small touch of shimmer to give a glossy effect. After many, many swatches in Boots (and about 20 minutes of my time) I managed to find it. Number 26! It was a little pricey, at £6.99 but compared to other lipsticks with similar staying power it was reasonable. I love the shade of this one, it's the perfect everyday, all year round shade and it just gives your lips that touch of colour and shimmer without being obvious. This I have worn pretty much the whole way through October :)

What did you ladies treat yourself to in October?

Jess xox