Tuesday, 26 May 2015

May Beauty Haul

Hi and welcome back to my blog!

This month I focused on some beauty purchases some of which took a load of YouTube videos, google searches and review reading to work out what I preferred. I will right a blog post about this at a later date rather than ramble on.

So anyway... these are the things I tried out this month! :-)

Garnier Pure Active Anti-imperfection Daily Moisturiser
I bought this after getting a sample in my magazine. I loved the matte finish it gave but it didn't feel very kind to my skin as it did burn a little if I had an imperfection. Also it didn't feel very moisturising even though I have oily skin. I can't say it did anything to keep pimples at bay either as I still got the odd one. All in all I won't be buying this one again, it was worth a try but it just didn't work for me.

Mary-Lou Manizer - The Luminizer
Oh my, where have you been in my life Mary-Lou!! This is a gorgeous highlighter that I had seen on someone's face and had to find out what they were using. It was this wonderful little product! Now it's a champagne finish and is very shimmery so a little goes a long way. After not getting on with the No7 highlighter or the NYX highlighter and then my Dior highlighter breaking (cue tears!) I was still after a new one. This one was half the price of the Dior one and is just as stunning! It's just... oh wow! It transforms my makeup into a gorgeous glow after just one stroke of this on my cheek bones! I cannot express how much I love this one! Well done Mary-Lou, well done! (and thank you!!!!).

Loreal Infallible 24h Foundation in Porcelain 015
I had to find a new foundation as my previous one had started not to last on my skin as well now the warmer months are here. I wanted something that was longlasting, a little dewy but mainly mattified (tough one I know!). Also I had a limited budget as I wanted to get a few of these other goodies as listed in this post. I finally settled on this foundation and I love the finish of this! I had read it was good but I wasn't sure how it would finish. This stuff covers really well (medium coverage, but is buildable if you would like a heavier coverage) and is also lightweight. It finishes off making my makeup look natural yet more even and covers any redness! My only disappointment is the shade range, I'm not a 015, nor am I the shade above as it's too dark I'm somewhere in-between. At the moment to get over this I will be using a little bronzer or mixing with a darker foundation to make it a little more 'me'. I'm not convinced my search for the perfect foundation is over as yet, just due to the colour not matching at all and I would like something that I can use all year round that matches me.

Elf Baked Blush in Peachy Cheeky
I wanted to try a nice peachy blush with a slight highlighter in it to see if it would save time when doing my makeup. I do love this blusher however I feel that the shade is just too pale for me. I love an obvious blush to get that 'English Rose' glow but on it's own this doesn't quite cut it. I'm mixing it with my NYX Blusher in Pinched (Nars Orgasm dupe) and it's perfect - just the finish I needed. If this was a little darker or even a little more pigmented I would purchase again but right now I will just use this up and instead stick with NYX :)

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish in I've Been Pinkin & Topcoat
Oh wow - I couldn't wait to try these! These are brand new out from Barry M and they are pretty magical! Now I will be honest, I love the fact that the sun (or even a lamp) will make this dry in seconds (I'm a Mum, I need this!), but I don't feel that it lasted any longer than my Essie polishes do. After day 3/4 I started getting chips, so that was a little upsetting but I do love that Barry M tried to do something new and at least it does dry quicker than most polishes! I would buy this again but don't expect it to last as long as a shellac or gel polish would, after all this is only £4.99 so I can't complain too much! ;)

H&M Lipgloss in Lotus Flower
And finally I bought this randomly when getting our little one some clothes. It was one of those 99p products in the bins next to the tills in H&M and wasn't sure what I would expect from it. For 99p it's a pretty little gloss! I've used this a few times when out and about and it just gives me a nice nude shimmer on my lips which is lovely for this time of year. Plus it smells of sweets (you know me - such a sweet tooth!). It is a little sticky but it's such a great little gloss for everyday use! I may see what other shades they do and get another one soon! :)

My favourite purchase of the month? Well that would have to be the Mary-Lou Manizer - The Luminizer! It's just amazing!

Thanks again for reading! Is there anything you tried this month that you would recommend? Or do you have any of these products?

Jess xox

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