Monday, 6 October 2014

My Favourite Lush Products

Hello again!!

This week I've decided to show you my all time Lush favourites. 

From top left clockwise...

The Comforter - £4.75
This has quickly become one of my favourite bubble bars. A bubble bar you can crumble a little off and it will make your bath into a gorgeous bubble bath. This one also gives off a lovely pink shade and a sweet scent. I usually get about 4 uses out of these bars as I like to have a lot of bubbles. 

Brightside - £4.75
This one is again a bubble bar but has a citrus scent. This is perfect to help you get ready for a night out as it wakes you up while you soak in the tub. I'm loving this one as a great alternative to the Comforter.

Twilight - £3.35
This bathbomb is my absolute favourite at the moment. I have tried a few and I also like Sex Bomb but this I always go back to. It's a warming and relaxing lavender scent and it just makes you want to stay in your bath for hours and hours. It creates a little spa away from the dramas of everyday life in your bathroom - just perfect!

Soft Coeur - £4.95
This is a massage bar from Lush and is a sweet cocoa butter scent which leaves you smelling of chocolate after using it. It also leaves your skin silky smooth and a little goes a long way with this little fella. I've had this one for months now and I still have lots of wear left, so it's great value for money too!

I'm sure in time mine will change, but at the moment these are my go to products! :)

Anyway, what are your favourite Lush products?

Jess xox

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