Friday, 31 October 2014

Day at the Spa with Josie

It's not too often we go to the Spa, but this has been a long time coming! In fact, this was Josie's first visit to a spa so was a pretty big deal! 

We went to the Grand Harbour Hotel in Southampton. They have a glorious ESPA spa there with a pool, sauna, steam and wet room facilities also. 

We got there around 10.30am in the morning to make the most of our girls day out. First of all we went for a dip in the pool. The pool and some parts of the hotel have recently been refurbished, it was gorgeous. The new sauna is a vision with beautiful tiling and much larger than the outdated sauna that was there previously.

After a good swim we had a little rest in the sauna (I dipped my legs in) and then grabbed a magazine and sat and read while the rest of the world went by.

Soon enough it was time for our lunch and we'd ordered some nice healthy lunches to match our day of relaxation and cleansing. I went for a brown bread roll with mature chedder and chunty, alongside a side salad (mmm!) and Josie went for a pork salad... equally as scrummy!

We then headed off for our treatments. I had a lovely neck and back massage, while Josie went for a facial. Both were super relaxing and honestly by the end of it we both felt as if we were floating on a cloud of tranquility.

After some final relaxation in the spa we headed out to the busy streets of Southampton. We finished off our girls day in the best form possible - Primark, Lush and Boots. Amazingly even with the busy crowds we still felt completely relaxed and at ease, swanning from store to store. We treated ourselves to some goodies and finished off our day with a nice long chat on our journey home.

It was a lovely day, one of which I hope to do again soon. Thanks for your lovely company as always Josie! :)

Jess xox

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