Saturday, 26 September 2015

My Top 10 Instagram Pictures

Hi All! :)

This week I'm looking into my past, in fact my past Instgram pictures.

I have quite a few on there, more than I thought but picking my top 10 was easier than I thought it would be. Now some of them will be obvious choices to you but others have a nice little story behind them so if you're interested please keep reading :)

1. First up is a picture of one of our cats, Leo. I love this picture of him as he is looking hopeful for some of my food and is just waiting patiently. This sums his personality up beautifully. He is a cheeky monkey but he is also very well trained when it comes to being patient.

2. Secondly is a slightly more materialistic favourite but I was so chuffed with this I had to include it. This picture is of my newly purchased purse by Ted Baker. Now I know it's sad to include this but I really did love this purse as it was a visual reminder of my success at the time. I had worked hard for years to get my business and career to a really good place and as a treat I finally (after years of waiting) got this lovely purse.

3. This picture is of me and my brother on our birthday - we're not twins but we were born on the same day - I know, weird right?! Anyhoo, we just had a casual meal out but our birthdays are always a nice time to remind ourselves how close my brother and I are, and we will always continue to be. It doesn't matter how hard we're working, how busy we are, where we are - we always make time to catch up, even if it's just over text. I love that we're able to have a strong friendship as well as be brother and sister.

4. I love this picture as its taken shortly after we got married and I couldn't stop staring at my rings. I just loved that we had taken that next step in our lives and our wedding was truly magical.

5. This is a cheeky picture of my husband and me on New Years Eve 2013. I didn't drink anything that night as wasn't feeling it but we had the best time. Silly games, great people, good food - it was such a good night!

6. Haha. This picture is of me and Mike playing on GTAV together on the playstation. We used to play online together and do crazy missions. I love that we got to share the passion of gaming together in this game!

7. This picture is of my beautiful Mum when we went for an afternoon tea. Now not only is this special for me as my Mum is an amazing woman, but also this is the day I thought I may be pregnant. I remember hating the smell of alcohol and smoke and thinking.. oh wait... am I?! :D

8. This had to be included - a gorgeous scan picture of our wonderful baby boy! I loved this scan as it was so amazing seeing our little baby wiggle around on screen even though he was so little I couldn't yet feel his movements. It was just amazing, something I will never forget.

9. I love this picture so, so much! This is a picture of me and our little boy only about a month old here. I remember being so tired but so happy here. I could cuddle him all day but I needed sleep too. We both struggled and supported each other with our sleepless nights, yet all in all I wouldn't change any of it for the world. This boy is everything to us.

10. Finally one recent one of our gorgeous Son. I love this as this is on one of our Mom and Son days where we just go and explore and learn. We spent the morning seeing family, then read some books and played in the park. I love our bonding days.

So that's it, my top 10 pictures. Have you got some top 10 pictures you would like to share, I would love to see them and see why you picked those too!

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Thanks for reading!
Jess x

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  1. Ah, such gorgeous pictures! I love posts about Instagram, I don't know why, they just feel so personal and lovely! xxx