Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Apps for Modern Mommies

Hello again!

This week I thought I would share with you my most favoured app's now I'm a Mom. Now these are the one's that I use now I'm a Mom so they're fairly new and I haven't bothered including a list of all my apps, just those a little more Mommy related.

Sound Sleeper - This is by far a life saver for us! My husband discovered this app when our little one was a newborn and was a little unsettled. If you download the free version you get 30 minutes of free play to see what/if the sounds work on your little one. Even now this comes in handy!

Annabel - This is a baby food and weaning guide in one. I love this as it tells me on the go what I need to buy when food shopping and is much easier to follow on my phone than by a book - not something I'd usually say for me but it just works!

Peak - I downloaded this trying to help my baby brain get a test and try and improve it back to it's pre-baby state. I love that you can set a goal and reminder of when you would like to test yourself and I try and do it every day, even if sometimes I don't get the time.

Lifesum - This app is really handy for Mommies trying to either lose their pregnancy weight or just watch what they're eating. Honestly this is just a dieting and healthy eating app, not just for Moms but for anyone. I used this before I was pregnant too and it really helps me stay on track on what I'm ok to eat. I love the fact is also takes into account any physical exercise you've been doing so you know roughly what you've burnt off.

The Wonder Weeks - This app is focused on your baby's development. For me, I just find it super comforting and interesting when I know what my baby is going through but also going to get out of each leap. Each leap your baby will learn new skills but it comes at a price - a fuss, hard to please, crazy, nightmare child some of the time - but they're learning and growing... so at the end of it they should or are close to getting a new skill - it's fascinating!

Rhymes - I love having this to hand to play to my Son and sing along to. I don't remember all nursery rhymes so this one is great to help me learn the words again and get us both used to it. Our little one loves it and presses the screen to see what moves and sings - oh did I mention it's free too?!

Well those are my top 'Mom' apps that I've been using. Do you guys have any apps that you would suggest I give a go?

Thanks for reading!
Jess xox

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  1. Oo these sound so cool!! I haven't heard of these apps before