Wednesday, 29 April 2015

My April Haul

Hey there!

I cannot believe that Springtime is here and bringing along this gorgeous weather! It's making me very excited for Summer and Summer makeup and scents.

This month I purchased only a few items, but they were on my wishlist for sometime now so they've been a long time coming!

First up I needed to get a new purfume, my favouite purfume (Miss Dior) had run out a few months back and since I've been looking for a new purfume to try. I'm very fussy as I like a signature purfume that I can wear all year round. Finally I decided on the beautiful Vikor and Rolf Flowerbomb parfam. It's lovely! I love the cute little packaging too, a little edgier for my dressing table and the scent is just perfect for my taste.

Now onto another purchase I've been waiting for is the Laura Mercier Body & Bath Scrub and Body Creme. I bought these in the scent Ambre Vanille and it is gorgeous! Think holiday in a jar - vanilla scent from your sunscreen while laying by the pool and a large cocktail in your hand, perhaps a pina colada for it's sweet scent. It truly is a scrummy scent and makes me feel so fancy.

Laura Mercier Body & Bath Scrub - The scrub is fabulous, a little goes so far and I haven't even made an indent and I have used this a few times already. The finish it gives my skin is gorgeous too - it just looks like new, fresh skin and gives me that 'glow' that I have wanted from all my previous body scrubs.

Laura Mercier Body & Bath Body Creme - The body creme doesn't go as far but it the scent stays on your skin - not too strong but a lovely little bit stays all day. I also love how rich and moisturising it is; any red bumps or dry areas are fixed after using this!

I have fallen in love with these two! The only problem is the price of them so I'm going to use these when I feel like an extra little pamper - it really does makes all the difference.

Finally the No7 Instant Radiance Bronzing Highlighter Stick. I was told that this is a dupe for the Benefit Highlighter, Watt's Up and so I thought I would save a few pennies and try this instead. I love the finish it gives, it's a beautiful natural glow which is perfect for this time of year, however there is one problem for me. Now I don't know whether it's because I'm used to powder highlighters or if I'm just using the wrong technique to apply this but when putting it on my skin over my foundation it sometimes moves around my foundation. This is a horrible look at it makes it all patchy and uneven. I'm so gutted as I love everything else about the product but the finish over my makeup just isn't what I was hoping for. If anyone knows of a way I can apply this without ruining my makeup please help me!! :-)

Anyway, thanks again for reading! I hope you all had a fabulous April and treated yourself to a few new items too! Is there anything you would suggest I try for May?

Jess xox

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